Stairways play a vitial role in emergency exits and the visual appearance of a building.  It is important to have a well maintained, safe staircase, and we are here to help.  We offer a variety of stair treads and carpeting to ensure an aesthetic, safe environment.  Our nonslip stair treads provide superior traction and minimize the wear on the underlying stair, adding many years. 


Aluminum, Rubber, Vinyl, Carpet available


Ideal for heavily traveled, outdoor public stairways. Hold up in the harshest weather environments


Medium traffic 

Add a polished finish to the building

Large selection available to compliment the décor.  Absorbs the noise of footsteps to quiet the area



Ideal for heavily traveled public stairways

Tapered nosing insures a better fit while the smooth rear border allows for easy cleaning and maintenance



Medium traffic

Long wearing capability 

Abrasion-resistant vinyl allows for easy cleaning.  Corrugated rib pattern helps remove dirt and debris and increase traction

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