OR Scrub Sink / Wet Area Matting

Our 1/4" thick, lightweight vinyl wet area mat is designed for safety and comfort.

Antimicrobial coating suppresses bacteria and fungi growth to provide a

cleaner and healthier work environment. 

Open weave design captures fluids from running all over the floor. 

Low maintenance upkeep makes this mat even more ideal. 

Can be cleaned with standard hospital disinfectants. Or we can clean and sanitize off-site. 

Custom cut to fit any area. 

Available Colors - Blue and Beige. 

Paraffin Trapper Matting

Constructed in a loop design to grab and retain paraffin wax before it can reach the floor.

Surface is specially treated and plastic fiber yarn cuts wax so it is easily removed when cleaning.

Beveled edging on all sides.


Comfort cushioning increases efficiency and productivity 1/8” thick rubber surface fused to a 3/8” foam base.

Tapered edges and rounded corners help the mat hug the floor for added safety and comfort.

Colors- Several available in marbleized pattern.

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